discover untapped potential worldwide
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where borders fade & hidden talents rise up
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discover untapped potential worldwide
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Decentrathon was born from a vision to to democratize opportunities and empower aspiring talents worldwide.
we believe that talent knows no borders.
decentralized hackathon creates equal opportunities for everyone.
At the core of Decentrathon - people.
decentrathon is built on
Peer-to-peer learning
Power of Community
Innovative Ideas
Fueling creativity, we empower participants to bring their boldest and most inventive ideas to life.
Through direct collaboration, we foster a supportive environment where participants learn, connect, and grow together.
Together, we amplify innovation through the strength of our united community.
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We made history, creating the first Decentrathon. The scale of the event officially made it largest multivenue web3 hackathon in the world. It is a first and largest event to cover the human capital in all the regions of Kazakhstan simultaneously.
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upcoming hackathon
Our upcoming hackathon in September is set to surpass all expectations, with a projected participation of 5000 people. Aimed at reaching talents all over the Central Eurasian region, Decentrathon will unlock talent from every corner, nurturing innovation where it thrives.
different locations
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decentralization is an opportunity to meet talents.
From small towns to global stages, our hackathons have sparked remarkable achievements. Explore inspiring success stories that illuminate the extraordinary.
3rd place Winners of Decentrathon 1.0
Team “Undefined” (Pavlodar)
Gathering a team of uni freshmans and high school seniors from province, Azamat Rakhimzhanov was able to lead his team to a win a complex case creating a Monitoring tool for BNB Greenfield Performance metrics.
Participants of Decentrathon 1.0
Team “CryptoWitches” (Almaty)
“For us, as a young beginner developers, Decentrathon was a crucial experience in terms of opening the world of Blockchain technologies. Now I feel confident in my skills and eager to learn more.”

Ayana Kashkunova
Embark on your Decentrathon journey.
Embrace simplicity. Register effortlessly on our platform. Team up or find companions. Choose any venue or opt for virtual participation. Embark on your Decentrathon journey.
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Delve into groundbreaking technologies like blockchain, AI, DeFi, and etc. Collaborate, innovate, and create real impact. Join forces, unlock your potential.
Hackathon Challenges
We nurture your growth. Gain mentorship from seasoned professionals. Access valuable resources. Expert guidance sharpens your ideas, bringing them to life. In this environment, learning thrives.
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